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Virtual US Phone Number

A Virtual US Phone Number Makes It Easy to Find US Customers

One way for a company to attract customers in the United States, no matter where it is located, is to get a virtual US phone number. It works like this: if an organization is located in London but wants to do business in New York, then it can get a virtual US phone number from a service provider and forward US customer calls back to the UK or any locale, anywhere worldwide: home office, business HQ, mobile device, or even a customer care center. A virtual phone number provides credibility to a company that uses it because customers will view it as being local even if the business is located across the country or across an ocean. US customers are more likely to try out a new brand if they recognize the number.

How to Successfully Implement a Virtual US Phone Number

Once a company finds a reputable service provider, it can be fairly easy to activate a virtual US phone number. Once a number is selected, then a variety of opportunities exist to connect the number to other areas of the business. For starters, a virtual number often comes with additional features such as SIP (VoIP) forwarding, sequential and simultaneous ringing, time/day routing, hosted PBX phone system, customizable voice menu (IVR), failover routing, and voice and fax to email. It may also be advisable to plan with other departments such as customer care, sales, marketing, operations, and product development to make sure to leverage the virtual number throughout the company.

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